Create clubs that anyone can join. You can create clubs based on topic, location or anything that comes to mind


Create clubs just for your family & friends. Share anything with them safely and privately. Remember: What happens in the club, stays in the club.


Create clubs that people can join as members for a monthly subscription fee. Great for content creators like bloggers, video/music producers, artists etc. Sell your digital content such as eBooks, podcasts, graphics, music, etc., in club’s store.

A club in Clubs.IO is a fully contained ad-free online community where you can meet new people and share stuff like blogs, videos, pictures, music etc. Every club comes with a set of features. Use them however you like.


Video Channel

Music/Podcast Channel

Picture Gallery


Live Chat

Meeting Organizer

Members/Private Messaging


Support your favourite artist, celebrity, content creator.

Join the club

Join the club of anyone you want to support by becoming a paid member/vip member of that club. Buy stuff they create in their club's store.

Talk to them

Tell them how much you love their work by messaging them in the club itself. Engage with the creator closely in ways that was not possible before.

Clubs for content creators

If you are a content creator and looking to monetize your content better than ad-based platforms, You can do one or both of the following

Membership Subscriptions

Create a club, host your content in your club, allow visitors to view your content and charge a monthly membership subscription fees. You can set your own price depending on how much you think people will pay for it.

Digital Content Sales

If you have digital items to sell like photographs, music, digital art or software, create a package for it and put it for sale in your club's store. Your club members can purchase it in a few clicks and download it immediately.

What happens in the club, stays in the club

Identity Protection

Clubs.IO’s founding policy is to protect your identity while you interact in any club which guarantees you will never have to reveal your real-name or identity anywhere.

Membership Personalization

Clubs.IO's membership system gives you a new membership profile for every club you visit or join. You can personalize your profile on a per club basis. Which means you don't have to be the same person in every club