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Build Premium Membership Sites For...

Exclusivity for your brand’s select customers

High quality publications and digital information products

Private, paid or invite-only communities

Niche brands and limited-edition products

Club for customer retention. Play the long game.

Invesp reported that increasing customer retention by 5 percent could lead to an increase in profits of 25% to 95%

Giving your customers access to an exclusive club will tell them that they are appreciated and you are willing to go the extra mile to retain them as customers.

You have the option of further increasing customer LTV by offering a VIP membership level for extra support and benefits.

Club Funnel

Quality work not being rewarded by ads and views based revenue ?

Clubs.IO is a 100% ad free, Premium membership based blogs, shops and communities platform and marketplace.

Start your own club in couple of clicks. Set your own membership fees. Earn through membership subscriptions

What can a club do ?

Use your club to publish original content - be it blogs, podcasts or videos. Build passionate communites free from trolls, sell original creations and merchandise, live stream to your audience, grow an email list and more.

Few Loyal Members > Thousands Of Views, Long Term Engagement > Fleeting Traffic

Build niche clubs with loyal members. Expect consistent, predictable revenue and long term growth from your club.

Platform and Marketplace

Your Club's Features

SEO Enabled Blog


A SEO enabled blog with all the features that you've come to expect: Comments, Categories, Tags etc. You can optionally post articles that can only be accessed by members or VIP members.

Fully Featured Shop

E-Commerce Shop

A batteries included e-commerce shop. Sell any physical item. No commission fees. Get all features included in price. No need to pay extra for each feature.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Go live streaming in just couple of minutes. For everyone or only for members/VIP members.



Upload a podcast or any audio track. Could be a voice tutorial or a song you composed. Share with your club or just VIP members

Emails and Newsletters

Emails & Newsletters

Integrate with Mailchimp and send newsletters to members of your club. You can also use in-built drag and drop editor to author a newsletter.

Email AutoResponder

Email AutoResponder

Send emails in a sequence automatically after a visitor joins the club.



Configure forums so your club members can ask questions and interact with others in the club. You can create forums accessible only to VIP members.

Chat Room

Chat Room

A live chatroom where club members can exchange ideas and messages in real time.

In-Club Messaging

In-Club Messaging

Build a community where your club members can send one-to-one messages to each other.

Video Library

Video Library

Upload personal videos, video courses, stuff you've created. You can optionally make some videos available only to members or VIP members.

Picture Gallery

Picture Gallery

Upload professionally taken pictures or digital art you've created or any pictures you see fit. Make them available to everyone or only to members / VIP Members.

E-Book/File Downloads

E-Book/File Downloads

Upload any generic files like e-books, zip files, installers and any file that doesn't fall into other categories.


For 0 - 100 Members


Transaction fees: 10.4% of transaction value + 30 cents

For 100 - Unlimited Members

$100 / month / club

$1100 / year / club (1 Month Free)

Transaction fees: 2.9% of transaction value + 30 cents

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